Tuesday, October 4

Do You Say Green Beans or String Beans?

farmers' market string beans

What's the vegetable in the picture above?

Did you say "green beans," "string beans," "snap beans," or something else? I hope you didn't say broccoli. Then we'd have a real problem.

I grew up in New England where we called them "string beans." Despite the fact that I've lived in California for eight years now where I seem to be only one who calls them "string beans," I just can't bring myself to call them "green beans." And I certainly never called them "green beans" or "snap beans" when I lived in the South either. What kind of Yankee would I have been?

Apparently, it's just a geographical preference -- no right or wrong answers here. So how about you? What do you call them, and where are you from?

I not only like saying "string beans," I really like eating them. Here are four of my favorite string bean or green bean recipes:

rainbow carrots n beans orange mat

Green beans with prosciutto, pinenuts, and Meyer lemon

string beans and tofu in Thai peanut butter sauce


Here are five more tempting string bean or green bean recipes to try:
Pickled Green Beans recipe from The Cilantropist
Green Beans with Balsamic Brown Butter recipe from Pinch My Salt
Spicy Green Beans with Ginger and Garlic recipe from The Perfect Pantry
Green Beans with Caramelized Red Onions recipe from Andrea's Recipes
World's Easiest Garlicky String Bean Stir Fry recipe from Kalyn's Kitchen


~Chris said...

I've never had Patty Pan - at least not knowingly - but that looks beautiful!!

Yes, I come from the land of string beans, where we put Jimmies on our ice cream (not sprinkles). ;)

Haven said...

I'm originally from Ohio and they've always been String Beans to me.

Debbie said...

I'm from Long Island originally and always said string beans. However, down here in Virginia most people say green beans....either way they taste delicious!

Kavey said...

In the UK we call them green beans, and sometimes French beans.

Never come across string beans before...

Lenea said...

You know what they are in Chinese? They are called "4 seasons beans", which probably means that they are available year-round.

Jay said...

Hy Susan,
chanced upon your space while blog hopping...very interesting space you have..awesome posts with excellent cliks..
Am your happy follower now..:)
do stop by mine sometime..
btw, we call this beans as french beans..:)
Tasty Appetite

Nicole said...

I call them green beans now, but it seems like my parents called them string beans when I was a kid. Whatever they're called, I love them! Thanks for including my recipe!

Caitlin said...

Hmmm. I grew up in New England as well, but I call them green beans. Either way - I love them. Thanks for the recipes!

Kalyn said...

I grew up saying string beans, but now I always say green beans. No idea how that happened! This is one veggie that I like a lot more since I've had it in my garden. Thanks for including my recipe!

kellypea said...

Definitely green beans. I think my grandmothers called them string beans. But I still say tin foil, so how bizarre is that? Love green beans any way I can get them, strings and all :)

The Food Hunter said...

I grew up in Philadelphia and we call them string beans too.

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types said...

You left out "pole beans" and "bush beans" which makes things really confusing! I believe those are farming phrases!

RFR said...

hi! I say green beans? yikes. Is that bad? My favorite way to have them is chinese restaurant style (szechuan?)with ginger and garlic. I did a post recently about "No one feels sorry for a skinny girl" with a recipe that i tried (more on that in the post) but the green beans at PF Changs are what made me love green beans. ANd then they go in my veggie pot pie too.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

chris-Oh, you must try one. They're delightful!

haven-I had no idea what they called them in Ohio. Thanks for letting me know!

debbie-Yup. I'm not surprised.

kavey-Never? I guess it's a US thing.

lenea-Ha! I love that, and I've never heard of that before. Thanks so much.


nicole-Ooh, a rebel. I like that. ;)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

caitlin-Really? Hmm....

kalyn-They're so pretty when they're growing, aren't they? I'm sure they're perfection.

kelly-I say tin foil too! hehe.

foodhunter-That makes sense.

TW-Oh, no, not more! ;)

aimee-Ooh, I adore those spicy Szechuan style beans too. And, no it's not bad. Nothing you do is bad. :)

Joana said...

In Portugal, we call them green beans but when I mention them in English, I call them string beans. I don't know why, probably read it somewhere.

averagebetty said...

I say string beans :) and you had me at Citrus Sage Glaze!

Sage Trifle said...

The beans you show are "green beans". . .other than a good rinse and picking off the stems, they are good to go. "String beans", on the other hand are flatter and have tough, fibrous strings which must be removed before cooking. Thus the term. The string bean (with many other names) is still the preferred favorite in the South. I like them both.

nola2chi said...

Having been born in MS and raised in New Orleans my summers were spent going from farm to farm visiting and helping my relatives. There is always something for a pair of hands, even small ones, on a farm.

String beans have a tough string that has to be removed. You snap off the end and strip away the string that runs on one side of the bean. I haven't seen them in years.

Snap beans don't have the tough string, so you can just snap them. That's all I see in the markets now.

The big commercial farming industry has hastened the loss of a great deal of diversity, sadly.

For me, real string beans had more flavor than the tender ones we get now.

Maybe the heirloom seed catalogs have them, I should check.

Now that I've made that clear as mud for y'all, I'm feeling older than dirt!

Oh, if you find long beans in an asian market they taste more like string beans, but are thinner, without the string, and about a foot long.

The Teacher Cooks said...

Does it really matter what they are called? They are just good!

Stacey Snacks said...

I grew up saying "string beans", but I now say "green beans".

My mom also said "tin foil", and I now say "aluminum foil". Must be a NJ thing.

You say tomato, I say tomahto!