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It's Here: The Sugar High Friday #45 Berries Round-Up!

It's the Sugar High Friday #45
Berries Round-Up!

Many thanks to all of you for submitting such splendid recipes! We've got everything from beloved strawberries to fanciful gooseberries. Heck, we even have extraordinary saskatoon berries!

So take your time and peruse the 82 (um, make that 85) superb berry recipes below. I'm sure you'll leave with several new ones you'll just have to try.

Entries are posted in the order they were received. If I have made any omissions or errors, then please email me at foodblogga (at) yahoo (dot) com, and I'll remedy it right away.

Let the Berries Begin!

Ann of Redacted Recipes has always liked but never loved fresh blueberries. So when she received not one, but two pints of them in her CSA box, she didn't know what to do. Fortunately for us, Ann concocted these no-bake, creamy, refreshing Blueberry Parfaits. I have a feeling blueberries have moved up on Ann's list of favorite berries.

Even though Elaine of The Italian Dish was leaving for a trip to the Pacific Northwest the next day, she miraculously found time to bake this exquisite Torta di Nada from Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Italy. The best part is that you can make this torte with sweet blueberries in the summer and with fresh, juicy grapes in the fall. It's a torte for all seasons.

Christie of Stump the Chef had first been intrigued by the idea of balsamic berries when she was 10 years old. However, making ice cream in her Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe sounded a lot better to her at that time. Now that Christie's all grown up, so is her taste in desserts. Barbie has been bumped by sophisticated Balsamic Berries Over Vanilla Yogurt.

What happens when you combine traditional comfort food like rice pudding with something more modern like balsamic vinegar sauce? You get Kevin from Closet Cooking's simply lovely Strawberry Rice Pudding with Balsamic Vinegar.

Thanks to Avra of I've Got Food on My Brain and her mom, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Saskatoon berries, which Avra says resemble wild blueberries and taste slightly of almonds. Wondering how to enjoy these unique berries? That's easy. Make Mom's Saskatoon Berry Pie -- it's pure, wholesome comfort food at its best.

Jules of Domestic Goddess in Training has been enjoying raspberry picking lately. After making several sweet recipes she suggested a healthy berry smoothie to her husband, which didn't exactly wow him. So she ditched the smoothie and made rich Raspberry and Chocolate Muffins instead. See, husbands really can be helpful in the kitchen.

Despite wilting in the heat and humidity of South Carolina, Helen of Tartelette, endured turning on the oven so she could bake her magnificent Maple Cardamom Mousse and Strawberry Tartelettes. Baked tarts are filled with aromatic maple cardamom mouse and topped with brilliant red strawberries for a truly elegant dessert.

Nicisme of Cherrapeno lives a life full of glory. Her Strawberry Glory is layer upon glorious layer of tangy balsamic roasted strawberries and feather light whipped meringue topped with rich vanilla ice cream. Sounds like we could all benefit from some strawberry glory.

When Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi initially planted their raspberry sapling, they had no idea it would eventually overtake a large portion of the garden. Since the birds eat the easy-to-reach berries on the outside, Jai has to venture into the thorny center of the bush. Fortunately for us, he persevered (with scratches to prove it). Now he and Bee present their deliciously moist Raspberry-Almond Cupcakes.

When Dhanggit's friend asked for advice regarding a major decision in her life, Dhanggit answered wisely: she said to not make any major decisions while your emotions are riding high. Then she offered her friend some beautiful Chocolate Charlotte with Berries because a dose of chocolate makes everyone feel better.

Silvermoon Dragon of Dragon Musings gets a gold star for her Berry Turnovers. Not only did she post how-to photos, but she actually held the gas knob of her stove the entire time they were baking to keep the oven lit!

Heather of Diary of a Fanatic Foodie says she loves eating scones but hasn't baked all that many. Well she is off to a good start with her Raspberry Pistachio Scones made with mascarpone cheese. She even had the delicious idea to drizzle them with honey before eating.

It's a good thing Cakelaw of Laws of the Kitchen planned ahead. Since she is battling frigid temps in Southern Australia, she couldn't find fresh berries anywhere. So she went to her freezer and took out the very last container of summertime berries she had frozen for the winter. Then to stay warm and cozy, she baked a batch of sweet Blueberry Muffins with Crumb Topping.

Get ready for a triple whammy of raspberry deliciousness with Thin and Crisp Raspberry Napoleons with Lemon Cream by Zenchef of Chefs Gone Wild. Take a walk on the wild side and visit Zenchef for the recipe, a cartoon, and a how-to-tutorial. Then make his gorgeous Napoleons the next time you want to razzle-dazzle your guests.

Some people have all the luck. Like Anne of Anne's Food. She has not one, not two, but three blackcurrant bushes outside her kitchen window. Even though they're in an area that she shares with ten other neighbors, no one else besides her picks them! So she helped herself and made a deliciously homey Rhubarb Blackcurrant Crumble.

Kristen of Something Sweet is a wonderful daughter. Despite sweltering New England heat and humidity, she surprised her parents with homemade Berry Tartlets. (And her husband Dave fired up the grill for dinner, definitely earning brownie points with the in-laws.) You'll especially love that these tartlets look fabulously chic yet are simply to make.

Remember those strawberry cheesecake ice cream bars that used to be sold in ice cream trucks? Well Whitney of Rookie Cookie presents adult-friendly version. Her luxurious Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream actually has cheesecake chunks inside.

Sarah of What Smells So Good? shares Tiny Tastes for Two, which are small on calories and big on taste. With portion control built in, you can enjoy rich ice cream and still look hot in your bikini.

When Lynne of And Then I Do the Dishes was a little girl her mom used to treat her and her brother to the best-ever cheesecake in Montreal. In fact, she has never tasted one so gloriously rich and creamy since. Fortunately for us, that may change with Lynne's luscious Raspberry Lime Cheesecake.

Summer just wouldn't be complete without a homemade Strawberry Shortcake. That's why Candice of Mmm, Tasty! just made her first one of the season. Now, it feels officially like summertime. And now, our SHF round up has the quintessential strawberry dessert loved by all.

Mike of Mike's Table takes fresh sweet blueberries and tart rhubarb, two East Coast gems, and combines them in a tempting Blueberry Rhubarb Cream Tart. The sugary fruit filling and silky custard are encased in a deliciously crumbly graham cracker crust. And each slice is topped with a darling rhubarb ribbon.

When it comes to having the most beautiful and succulent berries, the Pacific Northwest reigns supreme, as Brittany of The Pie Lady well knows. That's why she is flaunting her velvety smooth Buttermilk Panna Cotta with fresh berries. Beware, after one taste you may decide to up and move to the Pacific Northwest. After seeing this dessert, it's not as crazy as it sounds.

Think chocolate for breakfast is bad for you? Think again. You'll start the day off right with Alexa's delicious and nutritious Chocolate Almond Raspberry Muffins from Artsy-Foodie. Plus they're good for you since Alexa baked them with healthful ingredients such as unsweetened applesauce, agave nectar, egg whites, and vanilla soy milk.

Though AS of Life's Too Short for Mediocre Chocolate usually shares her homemade baked goods with the people at work, she didn't send them any of these rich, chewy Blueberries and Cream Streusel Bars. That's because in addition to being sublimely easy to make, they're simply sublime.

Trying to cut back on caffeine, but craving a cappuccino? Then you'll be thrilled when you discover Rita's Strawberry Cappuccino at the Clumbsy Cookie. This pretty-in-pink cappuccino will leaving you smiling long after you drink it, especially when you lick off the foamy pink mustache left on your upper lip.

They say if you can't make a decision, then you should sleep on it. That's what Joanna of Salute to Sanity did when she couldn't decide what to bake for this SHF. Then she woke up one morning craving pancakes and found her answer: Cornmeal Lemon Pancakes with Strawberry-Raspberry Compote. Sleeping on it really does work.

When two little ones keep you up most of the night, you wake up the next morning really tired and really craving something special for breakfast. That's how Laura of The Spiced Life ended up making a sweet and moist Blueberry Buckle, otherwise known as “one giant blueberry muffin." Who wouldn't have a good day after that breakfast?

Looking for just the right dessert for your next Italian dinner? Look no further than Joelen's Culinary Adventures where you'll find Balsamic Strawberry Ice Cream. Joelen elevates ordinary ice cream into something special with distinctively tangy balsamic vinegar and juicy, sweet strawberries.

Mansi of Fun and Food can't resist California strawberries. You won't either when you see them star in her Strawberry Shortcake Pudding, a soft, sweet, cakey dessert guaranteed to make you happy.

So what exactly is a semifreddo? According to Didally of Didally's Simple Food Indulgence, "It has a texture icier than ice-cream yet still creamy if you let it melt a little. It’s somewhat between a mousse and an ice-cream." Need I say more? Yes, actually! Be sure to check out her recipe for Raspberry Ripple Semifreddo.

Every holiday season Stephanie of Cooking in an Apron makes about a dozen of those lovely pumpkin rolls with the cream filling, so she's pretty darned good at making them. That's why you should make her delicious summertime Banana Roll with Blueberry-Lemon Cream Cheese Filling.

After a grueling 12 hour shift at the hospital, Astra of Food for Laughter wasn't thinking of what to make for dinner or even vegging out on the sofa. Nope. She was thinking what a travesty it was that she is a Southern chef who had not yet posted a Peach Cobbler! So here it is, folks: not just any cobbler, The Best Southern Peach and Blueberry Cobbler.

Get ready to swoon at Oakley Rhodes' Lemonbasil. These gorgeous Raspberry and Blackberry Cinnamon Truffles are made with plump Pacific Northwest berries that are encased in an outrageously creamy, decadent chocolate ganache. Feeling faint yet?

It's no surprise that bread baker extraordinaire, Susan of Wild Yeast, thought to use a sourdough crust for her delicious summeritme Blackberry-Plum Sourdough Tart that is laced with aromatic fennel fronds. To use Susan's words, "If it’s summer where you are, may it be filled with blackberries and plums!"

It's a strawberry daiquiri! It's a panna cotta! It's a Strawberry Daiquiri Panna Cotta! Seriously. Judy of Judy's Gross Eats says this isn't only one of the most luxurious desserts she has even eaten, it's also of the easiest to make. And I didn't think it could get any better than the recipe name.

Suzana of Home Gourmets simply loves berries. And you will simply love her delicate Raspberry Financiers. Fresh raspberries are dotted over an almond cake dough and baked until puffed and golden for a light, tender, and berry sweet dessert.

Looking for the perfect muffin? Look no further than these Banana Blueberry Lemon Muffins from Dragon of Dragon's Kitchen. They're crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside, and each bite reveals a juicy blueberry in a lemon-scented cake. Perfect.

Zita of Simplicious has taken the classic Italian dessert, tiramisu, and given it a delicious new twist with her Orange Blossom Strawberry Tiramisu. That's right. All the original sumptuousness of chocolate, espresso, and mascarpone cheese are enhanced with orange blossom and fresh summer strawberries.

Alexa of Artsy-Foodie remembers fondly the cherry clafoutis that her mom used to make every summer. Now Alexa is keeping the recipe alive but "summerizing" it by using plump blueberries and sweet-tart plums in her Blueberry and Plum Clafoutis.

Tiramisu means "pick me up" in Italian, and that's exactly what Annie's "Mock" Berry Tiramisu will do to you. You'll still enjoy fabulous lady finger cookies, Amaretto, and coffee, but without the fat, since Annie uses a mixture of low-fat Neufchatel cheese and fat-free vanilla yogurt instead. So eat up, guilt-free!

Like any food blogger worth her salt, Maggie of Dog Hill Kitchen went a little overboard buying fresh summer berries at her local market. (Come on, you know you did too.) Fortunately she has an ice cream maker (and lots of patience), and has whipped up four brilliant batches of berry sorbets which star in her Michigan Berry Sorbets in Mini Pavlovas.

When Meeta of What's For Lunch Honey? went berry picking with her 5-year-old-son, Soeren, she asked him what kind of tree he would like to grow, and he responded, with pure childhood innocence: "A tree with all my favorite berries on it!” If that isn't heart-warming enough for you, then try a slice of Meeta's lovely Raspberry Hazelnut Tea Cake (with a cup of tea, of course).

I'm so proud of Elizabeth of Cake... Or Death? When she found blackberries for $1 per container the other day, she didn't buy just 1 or 2; she bought 8! Then she made this delightfully easy and delicious Deconstructed Blackberry Pie which has all the flavor of pie but without all the hassle.

Rachel of Vampituity An Improvised Perspective is pretty happy right now since she just picked her third pint full of garden grown strawberries. Though they'd be fantastic plain, these tender, succulent berries are divine in Rachel's Nearly Vegan "Mascarpone" and Pistachio Stuffed Strawberries.

Lysy of Munchkin Mail knows to pack a picnic. On her last outing she enjoyed pitas with both aubergine and roasted red pepper dips, some pongy cheese, and a memorable dessert: amazingly moist, sweet, and healthy Raspberry Oaty Slices.

Linda of Make Life Sweeter! won't easily forget her most recent birthday celebration. That's because she made a splendid Middle Eastern feast for friends and family to share and capped off her special day with this stunning Green and Pink Turtle Bombe with Raspberry Mousse.

Ulrike of Kuchenlatein has taken redcurrants, small, spherical, red jewels, and whipped them into a refreshingly tart Redcurrant Espuma. Easy, light, and cool -- ideal for summertime.

Your morning coffee or tea will taste a whole lot better when paired with a slice of Mansi's deliciously moist Cranberry-Orange Bread with Pecans.

When at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That's what Cindy did, and the fruit of her labors are these yummy Ice Cream Sandwiches. Creamy blueberry-raspberry ice cream is sandwiched between two spiced dark chocolate cookies for the ultimate ice cream treat.

When Miri of Room for Dessert was a little girl, she and her mom would go on berry picking hikes in Romania. Miri still cherishes that look of delight on her mom's face upon finding plump, fresh berries. Now, you'll delight in Miri's Blueberry Financiers, petite fluffy, cakes chock full of juicy blueberries.

Dwiana of The Adventure of My Cooking Diary concocted this extraordinary dessert just by browsing through her pantry! Succulent berries are piled into an edible white chocolate cup then drizzled with silky dark chocolate in Dwiana's Fruity and White Chocolate dessert.

Tricia of Jonski Farms transformed brilliantly colored black raspberries into brilliantly tasting Raspberry Bliss Sorbet. Studded with rich chocolate morsels, this is a berry sorbet that won't last long.

Sandra of Le Petrin transforms a traditional, homey dessert into something sophisticated with her Currants and Red Plum Crisps. Vanilla-infused fruit is encased with a chewy oat crisp and baked until bubbly and golden. See what I mean? Homey and sophisticated.

What's the only thing better than fresh plump and juicy blueberries? Fresh plump and juicy blueberries on sale! What's even better than that? Kara of What's Kookin's silky, succulent Blueberry Sauce over Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

Marc of Chefectomy knows the value of diligence and determination. Without them, he never would have become a black belt in karate and never would have chopped through bricks with his own hands. Turns out breaking bricks is a whole lot easier than vanquishing the fear of baking scones. I'm not too worried. Marc has reached a state of zen with his Strawberry Balsamic Scones with Lemon Zest Glaze.

Despite a week from hell that included a painful ear infection and computer problems, Michelle of Big Black Dog amazingly found the time to create this invigoratingly sweet-tart Strawberry Lemonade to share with all of us. So relax, and drink up!

Cindy Lauper once sang that girls just want to have fun. And that's what Elizabeth of Delightful Delicacy and her friend Beth did when they made these pretty-in-pink Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting.

Sisters TS and JS of [eatingclub] Vancouver have always been dubious about the concept of "dessert soup." Is it a dessert? Or, is it a soup? Can it be both? All these questions and more are answered in their satiny smooth Blueberry Soup with Mascarpone and Tarragon. If you're really bothered by calling it a "soup," then take the girls' advice and call it a "drink" instead.

Mary of Sweet Mary has a knack for making me homesick for Rhode Island (in a good way, of course). And she's done it again with her Blueberry Lemon Coffee Cake made with freshly picked Rhode Island blueberries that are bursting with color and flavor. No matter where you get your blueberries, just be sure to try Mary's moist, tender cake.

For those of you who live in areas where the humidity is so high, it feels like you're walking through water, you'll appreciate Lisa Michele's Triple Berry Sorbet Phyllo "Sundae" Towers over at Parsley, Sage, Desserts and Line Drives. They're a mile-high dessert of deliciousness that will keep you cool and thin (remember, sorbet is fat-free).

Shelvy of photography food and drink has whipped up a simple, pretty, and refreshing Strawberry Yoghurt cup that works equally for breakfast or dessert.

Sylvie of Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener shares vibrantly colored Peachy-Wild Berries Jubilee. Fresh berries are infused with peach liqueur and happily scattered over berry sorbet for a simple summertime dessert.

Isa of Isa's Cooking shares Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes, sweet girlie cupcakes with layers of pink deliciousness in them. Each cupcake is filled with smooth strawberry jam, garnished with with sweet strawberry frosting, and finished off with a big red berry on top.

Lore of Culinarty shares Cocoa Tartlets Filled with Pink Grapefruit Buttermilk Cream and Topped with Blackcurrants. Lore is in love with the combination of sour blackcurrants, bitter grapefruit and rich chocolate and can't wait to make these tartlets again.

Have you ever seen a loaf of pink bread? If not, then you've got to check out Sihan's pink bread made with strawberry yogurt over at Walking in the Rain. It's also featured in her Double Berry Whammy Bread and Butter Pudding: a comforting concoction of fluffy bread baked with warm, juicy berries and served with a dollop of burnt caramel ice cream.

Andreea of Glorious Food and Wine has escaped into an alluring, ethereal world of white which inspired to her create A Sexy White Dessert: Strawberry Zabaglione.

Vicki Ma of herlittleblackdress is so enamored of fresh, succulent berries that she is sharing two recipes. Her ultra moist Raspberrilicious and Almond Cake is studded with tart raspberries and dusted with sliced almonds.

Each bite of Vicki Ma's lemon laced Blueberrilicious Scones is bursting with big, sweet, juicy blueberries.

Due to an unseasonably cool spring, New York missed out on truly great local strawberries. They did, however, have a bumper crop of sweet-tart raspberries, and Alexandra of Addicted Sweet Tooth is just thrilled. You will be too when you taste her impossibly appealing Raspberry Tarelettes.

Two really is better than one. That's what Prudence Pennywise of Prudence Pennywise and her sweet little girl discovered when they concocted two luscious cool treats: Homemade Vanilla Raspberry Ice Cream with Raspberry Lime Sorbet.

Becke of Columbus Foodie has always loved Entenmann’s Raspberry Cheese Danish. Now she has created something even better -- remarkably moist, rich Raspberry Cheesecake Muffins.

Though Rachel of Fairy Cake Heaven was only a little girl when her grandfather passed away, she vividly recalls spending time with him in his backyard eating fresh gooseberries. So when she recently discovered gooseberries at the farmers' market, she instinctively bought some and then made Granddad's Gooseberry Custard Tart.

Amy of Eggs on Sunday can't imagine a more delightful way to spend a lazy summer afternoon than picking fresh blueberries. Once she got her fill eating them in their unadorned glory, she decided to bake some in these adorable Blueberry Lemon Pudding Cakes.

Jeanne of Cook Sister! has been playing tour guide to visiting relatives in England. Fortunately for us, one of Jeanne's stops was in charming Kent, home of the gorgeous strawberries featured in this singularly sweet and tangy recipe for Roasted Strawberries and Ice Cream.

As if Blueberry Cheescake Cupcakes weren't tempting enough, Jennifer of Jennifer's Haus decided to make them just a little more appealing by slathering each one with thick, rich, cherry buttercream frosting.

Melody of fruittart makes the most of summertime berries with her smashing Berry Tart. And for added indulgence, she made a filling of mascarpone cheese, white chocolate, and strawberries that is encased in a delicious almond crust.

Alanna of A Veggie Venture captures the glory of perfectly ripe summertime berries in her dazzling Summer Berry Pie. A combination of four different berries are happily peaking through a spicy, crunchy streusel.

Jude of Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté shares simply elegant Berries and Grilled Cheese Skewers. Jude quickly torched cubes of Juustoleipa cheese until just melted, then skewered them with plump raspberries and distinctive cape gooseberries for a uniquely sweet and savory treat.

Elf of Apikorsus Online knows that sometimes the most gratifyingly delicious desserts are the simplest. That's why she couldn't resist these orange laced Berries with Ricotta Cream.

Vera of Baking Obsession turns already splendid tiramisu into something sublime with her Raspberry Tiramisu with Cinnamon Cream. This is a silky, sophisticated dessert that will leave your dinner guests speechless.

The last three berry-licious recipes are from yours truly. Summertime Strawberry Pie is guaranteed to make you long for the carefree summer days of your childhood.

Rustic Peach and Bluberry Galette makes the most of fragrant, ripe peaches and juicy blueberries that are baked in a crisp cornmeal crust.

Enjoy wonderfully versatile, simple-to-make Skinny Berry Parfaits. They'll satisfy your biggest sweet-tooth without adding any girth to your hips. You gotta love that.

Here are a couple of late but tasty entries to check out: Chocolate-Covered Blueberries and Raspberries from Lalaine of The Cook Mobile and Strawberry Shortcakes with Brown Sugar Biscuits and White Chocolate Cream from Kristen of Dine and Dish.

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