Friday, April 20

Espresso-Maple Pulled Pork and Egg Breakfast Burritos

Are you planning to go out for brunch this weekend? You may want to stay home and cook instead. Here's why: Espresso-Maple Pulled Pork and Egg Breakfast Burritos. Yes, they're as good as they sound.  Actually, better. The dark, roast-y espresso flavor contrasts deliciously with the sweetness of the maple syrup of the saltiness of the pork.

I suggest serving these pulled pork breakfast burritos with a mug a strong cowboy coffee or a colorful tequila sunrise. Whatever makes you happy. Cause isn't that what Sundays are all about?

Get the recipe here!


Maureen @ Orgasmic Chef said...

Maple pulled pork? holy cow!! I've got to have some. Off to bookmark recipe. :)

Ayngelina said...

Interesting combination, I would never think to combine egg and pulled pork but then again pork pairs well with everything.

bellini said...

Sundays are all about enjoying the day and these would be a great beginning.

Myrrh said...

Sweet googley moogley!

Bee (Quarter Life Crisis Cuisine) said...

I loooove breakfast burritos, AND pulled pork, never tried them together! I'll have to do this :)

rick vancleave said...

Wow i am ready for breakfast. Thanks for sharing

Hillary said...

Hey Susan,
You know what? I tried to make this 2 times before (finally) successfully pleased my family.
But it is worth the hard work. LOL.
Anyway, thank you for making me look like a professional. :)
Hey, if you don’t mind, you can submit your Espresso-Maple Pulled Pork & Egg Breakfast Burritos photos to to make others hungry.
You know it’s fun to make others hungry. Especially when they are so hungry they finally want to create your recipe. :)
It is worth the try. :)

Susieq said...

Made these for Mother's Day brunch and they were a hit! One note though: The recipe says to cook for 4-5 hours OR until the internal temp reaches 170 degrees. It will reach this temp way before the meat is tender, so I suggest following the time and tenderness test rather than pulling it out when it reaches 170. I ended up turning the oven temp back down to complete the cooking so it would not dry out. Worked well and after about 4 hours or so it was ready. Thanks so much for this delicious recipe. I plan on using the rub on other meats.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

hillary-So glad it was a success! It always make me happy.

susieq-Thanks for the feedback. I know readers will find it helpful.