Tuesday, September 6

Slow Food USA: Take the $5 Challenge September 17th

I'm feeling challenged. And that's a good thing. Here's why: Saturday, September 17th, Slow Food USA is challenging you to take back the value meal. They want you to share a meal with family and friends that costs no more than $5 per person. Can you do it?

Why the challenge? Because healthy, slow food shouldn't cost more than unhealthy, fast food. Because eating fresh, clean, whole foods should be a right, not a privilege.

Do you agree? If so, visit the Slow Food USA website and take the challenge. While you're there, you can also find tips on how to create a $5 per person meal, how to host an  event, or how to find an event near you.

What is San Diego doing to take the $5 challenge? Slow Food Urban San Diego is  hosting a big bash in Little Italy's Amici Park on September 17th from 9am - 1:30 pm. Just show up with your $5 challenge meal. Come with friends, host a potluck, or just mingle and meet new people.

heirloom tomatoes from Little Italy Mercato
Heirloom tomatoes from the Little Italy Mercato.

And don't forget that the Little Italy Mercato will be open at the same time, so you can get your weekly produce shopping done too!

There's even a GIVE-AWAY! My friend Jane from Let There Be Bite is taking the challenge and wants you to as well. As an incentive, she's giving away a goodie bag full of tasty food worth $50. Want to win? Submit your recipe to her by September 25th. Good luck!


Belinda Y. Hughes said...

Will have to do my challenge at home, as I'm deep in the woods. Thanks for the heads-up on the challenge!

Neil | Butterfield said...

Interesting challenge! It should be interesting to see what people come up with.