Thursday, December 16

Book Signings In Rhode Island This Week

Thursday 16 December, time TBD
Radio Interview
The Buddy Cianci Show, WPRO 630 and 99.7 FM
Friday 17 December 5-7 pm
Book Signing
Borders Books, Providence Place Mall, Providence, RI
Saturday 18 December 1-3 pm
Book signing
Borders Books, Garden City Shopping Center, Cranston, RI
Sunday 19 December 1-3 pm
Book Signing
Stop & Shop, Frenchtown Rd, Hunt River Commons, North Kingstown RI


debbie said...

That is one rockin hat, sister.

jane deere said...

Love your blog!

Allison said...

How exciting!!! I hope to make it to the signing in Garden City!!

Patti at Worth The Whisk said...

How fun for you! Lots of work but very rewarding, I hope. :D

Brie: Le Grand Fromage said...

look at you rocking a fedora! let me know if you're ever in the Panhandle! have fun at your signings and happy holidays!

Cookie baker Lynn said...

I gave your book to my son for Christmas and he was thrilled. Thanks!

Holly Keegan said...

I have to know how the interview with the infamous Buddy went. That guy is awesome for so many reasons... haha.

Hope it all went well!

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