Monday, November 23

San Diego's Food 4 Kids Program and a Give-Away

My friends and fellow food bloggers, Caron of San Diego Food Stuff and Alice of Alice Q Foodie, are co-hosting a fundraiser for San Diego Food Bank's "Food 4 Kids" backpack program.
According to the program's official site, the Food 4 Kids Program is "an emergency food assistance program designed especially for chronically hungry kids during the school year. Food 4 Kids allows children who are hungry to access food for themselves and their siblings for the weekend and/or holiday vacation. The food is placed in a backpack for the student to carry home, thus removing the stigma a child might experience with carrying home a bag of groceries."

The fundraiser has two main components:

1. If you'd like to donate money, Caron and Alice have set up a fund raising page on at www.firstgivingcom/food4kids.

2. If you'd like to donate a food-filled backpack, here's how:
1. Buy a gender neutral, plain backpack, so it can be given to a boy or girl.
2. Fill it with non-perishable foods such as cereal, granola bars, juice boxes, peanut butter, or anything else you'd like.
3. Drop it off at the Food 4 Kids table at the Little Italy Mercato on Saturday, December 12th. The market is open from 9:00am-1:30pm and is located between Date and India Streets.

For more information, check out Caron's latest piece on

And now... it's a give-away!

My friend Michelle of Scribbit asked me to help spread the word on her BIGGEST give-away ever! She is giving away an HP Touch Smart Computer!

Visit Michelle for the details. But don't delay. The the give-away ends at 11:59 pm, Friday, November 27th. Good luck!


Eat Christmas Cookies, Season 3 is underway, and some cookies have already been posted. Have you posted yours? Find out how here.


Alice Q. Foodie said...

Thanks Susan! Love the xmas cookies widget too.

nora@ffr said...

cookies sound great!!! love this post!!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

This is such a wonderful cause Susan. You know how we love to rally around these hunger and education issues.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

alice-My pleasure!


val-I think so too!