Thursday, June 5

Pretty in Pink Pancakes with Fresh Berry Sauce

pink pancakes right brighter

Pretty in Pink Pancakes with Fresh Berry Sauce. With a name like that, you know it's more about the sauce than the pancakes. And trust me, that's a good thing.

Last time I made pancakes, they were topped with meaty pancetta, rich creme fraiche, and pools of maple syrup.

raspberries fm

Today's pancakes in contrast are as light as a spring breeze and were inspired by luscious fresh farmers' market raspberries. Pillowy soft pancakes are dressed with a sweet, vanilla-laced raspberry-strawberry sauce and sliced almonds. Perfect for this weekend's brunch.

And since these pancakes are low on calories but high on taste, I'm sending them to Ivy and Ben for their Fat Chefs of Skinny Gourmets? event running through June 30th. Yes, you can actually eat pancakes and still be a skinny gourmet.

Since I just saw Susan's event announcement for Pancakes on Parade, I'm sending my pretty ones her way. You have until July 6th to share any type of pancake you would like with Susan, the always well seasoned cook.

Pretty in Pink Pancakes with Fresh Berry Sauce
Makes 8-10 (3-inch) round pancakes.
Print recipe only here.

1 cup Heart Healthy Bisquick
2/3 cup skim milk
1 egg white

Berry Sauce:
1 tablespoon Smart Balance butter substitute
1/2 cup strawberries, sliced
1/2 cup fresh raspberries
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Fresh raspberries and strawberries
Sliced almonds

In a medium bowl, add Bisquick, milk, and egg white, and mix well until smooth. Let batter rest for about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, to make the sauce, melt Smart Balance in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add remaining ingredients, and cook over medium -low heat until slightly thick and bubbly, about 7-8 minutes. If you'd like a thinner sauce, simple add a little bit of water. Remove from heat and let cool.

To make the pancakes, place a thin layer of canola oil on a pancake griddle over medium heat. Place a drop of batter on the skillet to make sure it's hot enough. Drop batter by rounded tablespoonfuls (about 1 heaping). Cook pancakes until golden brown and cooked through, about 2 minutes per side.

Transfer to a warm plate until ready to serve. Top with berry sauce, sliced almonds, and fresh berries. Serve immediately.

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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love red fruits, so your pancakes are extremely appealing to me! Yummy!



Manggy said...

Oh, that's awesome!! I wonder what's the difference between regular and heart-healthy bisquick. If I had this ready for breakfast each day I would wake up much, much earlier, haha! :)

Suganya said...

I would do anything to lay my hands on those berries. Beautiful!

ChichaJo said...

I love anything that is pretty in pink :) These pancakes look and sound delicious!

Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Those raspberries look great!! Here we don't have a very good selection of them :(

Rachel said...

Pretty pancakes! Now I want some!

grace said...

i'll be honest--it'd be difficult for me to ever pass up maple syrup on my pancakes. if i had to sacrifice it, your berry sauce would be my pick of alternatives. :)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Those pancakes are pretty in pink! It's another couple of months until raspberry season here, so the sight of those boxes of berries is wonderful.

Finla said...

Don't tell me you bought all those packets of raspberry, and don't tell me they were cheap in your place i would feel terrible.
Here they are so expensive, i bought two small packe and it costed me almost 6 euros.
Panckaes with the berry sauce looks delightful and delicious.
SHould i start calling you pinka panther lady :-)

Asha said...

What beauties! Makes a great Sunday brunch!:))

LyB said...

Those raspberries look fabulous! And the pancakes, wow, if I woke up to find these on the breakfast table, I wouldn't mind getting up bright and early! :)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

rosa-Then you're gonna love these!

manggy-Less fat and cholesterol. But they taste great!

suganya-I was in berry heaven at the farmers' market last week!

chicajo-They are just so pretty, aren't they?

sara-Really? I'm surprised.

rachel-Then gather your fresh berries and start flipping! :)

grace-No 2 is ok with me. :)

lydia-They make me smile every time I see them.

happycook-Oh, no, that pic is from the farmers' market. I bought 3 for $10. Pink panther lady? Hmmm... I've gotta think about that one. ;)

asha-Yes, indeed.

lyb-Neither did my husband!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I love raspberries and can't wait until they arrive here. Pancakes I have a love/hate relationship with, I'm afraid (forced to eat them soggy as a child and traumatized for life). Like 'em very thin and crepe-like, though!

Mishmash ! said...

Ur title itself sounded romantic :)
I loved those berry pretty and fresh!!!

Veron said...

Just look at those beautiful raspberries!!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

One of the things I love about your blog, Susan, is the way it encourages me to scour my local farmer's market.

Our spring/early summer has been cool and rainy (so far), so most markets are still operating with limited hours. But man, I can hardly wait to get out there and buy some beautiful raspberries to try this.

My daughter -- who is six and lives/breathes pink -- thanks you.

Lisa Fain (Homesick Texan) said...

Gorgeous! And it still cracks me up (in a good way, of course) that you use Bisquick. (That's one of my all-time favorite posts!)

Pip said...

Your pancakes looks oh! so delicious, I've never made some like these, I really should try the berry sauce! :P

Swati said...

The pancakes and the pictures are too pretty .. Wish I could dig into them!!

YankeeSoaper said...

Susan, that berry stack looks mighty inviting! Looks delish!

Anonymous said...

Its mouth watering items you listed. It would hv been very nice if you would hv able to put clories along side. Nevermind I will take the recipes to dietician.

thanks for recipes n nice pics...

Patricia Scarpin said...

I already loved these pancakes because of their girly, pretty name, Susan. And then you tell me they are not going to make me gain weight?? That's perfection, my friend. :)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Pretty in pink and kind to the hips, that's a dream come true! Good one Susan.

Nic said...

I think it must be summer! I'd be having this out on the patio - I just need someone to come and make it for me!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I am dreaming about all your breakfast suggestions Susan. I suppose to be low in calories we can't have them all in one sitting....wink...wink...

glamah16 said...

You mean I can eat thses and not suffer the consequences. I like that idea.

Anonymous said...

oh boy, more deliciosity!
Some of your other suggestions sound amazing too (such as the breakfast egg sand w/avacado or maybe those scones) Mmmm good.

Alberta Postcards
PS: earlier today I created a lemon scone and posted it :0

Anonymous said...

My word that looks AMAZING!!!

Nina Timm said...

Your pancakes looks a lot healthier than mine. Thanks for introducing me to the Fat chefs award, I'll go over and have a look.

Unknown said...

Susan I always feel guilty eating pancakes but the way you have created them is perfect. Although I don't know what the "smart butter substitute" is, I am sure it's something healthy coming from you.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...berries for breakfast any day! Especially raspberries. Bisquick is terrific for breakfast creations like this!

Julie said...

Beautiful pancakes! I agree they can definitely fit into a healthy gourmet diet.

Lore said...

Love that you used both strawberries and raspberries for your sauce. I'm sure these were terrific!

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

That looks awesome!

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types said...

Wow - gorgeous! Since it's Sunday morning, I wish I had a plate of those pink beauties in front of me right now!

wheresmymind said...

aww...still need to make own pancakes ;) Sauce/berries look great though!

Melita said...

Love how it looks, and SOUNDS!!!
Pretty and yummy in pink!
I have tagged you, hope you don't mind! Check my blog...

Rosie said...

Beautiful pancakes Susan and all those lovely red berries a perfect match together :)

Rosie x

Susan from Food Blogga said...

ann-Crepes would work in place of pancakes here.

shn-I'm so glad you like them.

veron-I just love them.

kelly-That's just what I love to hear. There's no better produce than locally grown. I hope your little one likes them. :)

lisa-Aw, shucks, thanks.

pip-The berry sauce is the best part.

swati-Thanks a bunch!

jadeane-Well, thank you!

cc-You're welcome.

patricia-I know!

tanna-They taste dreamy too!

nic-That's luxury indeed.

bellini-Yeah, that's probably not a good idea. ;)


diane-Oh, I love scones. I'll be over to check them out.

michelle-THANKS! :)

nina-I feel better when I know my breakfast isn't laden with fat, you know?

ivy-It tastes and looks like butter, but without all the fat and calories.

anonymous-It is handy, indeed.

julie-Good, that's what I want to hear.

lore-I could eat the sauce by the spoonful!


tw-Then you'll just have to make them next Sunday. :)


medena-Glad you like them!

rosie-Thanks, my dear!

Susan said...

The shot of those berries in their boxes is spectacular. Thanks for joining in Pancakes on Parade, Susan.

Mansi said...

These look delightful Susan! I too made whole-frain blueberry pancakes last week! berries are such a great way to enjoy all summer treats!:)

Jeanne said...

How totally lovely! There really is just something about fresh berries, isn't there - so fresh and so colourful. I'll have to get my thinking cap on and try and make some pancakes for this event...

Cris said...

Colorful and yummy... The picture makes it so real... I feel like grabbing a fork right now...

Anonymous said...

I love berries...and berry season...and for the same reason, these pancakes. What would you have said to our tough question: berries or citrus?

Anonymous said...

so cute and so yummy looking! Loving those pancakes already :)