Saturday, February 23

Forget the Oscars, It's Time for the Excellence Awards

Diane of Alberta Postcards and Helene of La cuisine d'Helene have graciously selected me for the Excellence Award.

A visit to Diane's blog is like taking a virtual tour through Alberta, Canada, as she shares lovely photos and musings about her life there. Like most French women, Helene knows how to cook. Be sure to check out her delicious and sophisticated recipes. Since Diane asked me to select 10 bloggers and Helene asked for five, here are my 15 choices.

I really wanted to wear these $8.5 million dollar stunning diamond drop earrings for this announcement, but according to publicists at Harry Winston Jewelers of Beverly Hills, he only loans to movie stars. I guess that means I need to come out with Food Blogga, The Movie. In the meantime, here are the winners:
  1. Jeff, my one and only, of The Derm Blog, for teaching us all about dermatology with wit and humor. Plus he's really cute.
  2. Susan of the Well-Seasoned Cook for writing eloquently about her love of food.
  3. David, the chef behind Book the Cook, for defying all culinary stereotypes with his savory, appetizing traditional British cuisine.
  4. Arfi of HomemadeS for capturing the beauty of food and of life.
  5. Joythebaker for being a talented and down-to-earth chef who enthusiastically shares here culinary expertise with us. I like her style.
  6. Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once for her endlessly inspirational food photography.
  7. Lara of Still Life With for generously sharing her food styling and photography expertise with us.
  8. Gretchen Noelle of Canela & Comino for her honest and humorous perspective on home cooking and delicious recipes.
  9. Peabody of Culinary Concoctions for giving me a sensational sugar high every time I visit her blog.
  10. Amy of Cooking with Amy for her engaging food writing and fascinating insight into global cuisine.
  11. Amanda and Tyler of What We're Eating for their witty and entertaining food dialogues.
  12. Manggy of No Special Effects for his amusing and self-deprecating style. His food is really good, much better than he lets on.
  13. Deeba of Passionate About Baking for sharing her love of family and food.
  14. Ronell of MyFrenchKitchen for her artful photography and lovely watercolors.
  15. Amy of Nook and Pantry for her focus on fresh, seasonal cooking and lovely photography.

And then there was a meme...

I've done these "tell me about yourself" memes a few times now, so I'm running out of ideas! But since Elle of Feeding My Enthusiasms and Gattina of Kitchen Unplugged both tagged me recently, here goes:
  1. I'm almost two inches taller than my husband. But don't tell him that, he just thinks it's my hair.
  2. Speaking of hair, I had really long, really curly hair and wore glasses which made people mistake me for Elaine in Seinfeld. One time when we were in Cape Cod, some guy at a gas station kept insisting I was "that girl from Seinfeld." Despite my denials, he thought I was being coy to "protect my identity," and begged for an autograph. After several requests, I gave it to him. So some guy somewhere in the Cape has a map with Julia Louis Dreyfus' (aka Food Blogga's) signature on it.
  3. Speaking of Seinfeld, when Jeff and I started dating, my mom said one night after he left, "Hey, you know who Jeff looks like? That cute comedian with the beautiful teeth." (My mom has a thing with beautiful teeth.) "You mean Jerry Seinfeld?" "Yeah, that's him. Jeff looks so much like him, doesn't he?" (Thank goodness she didn't ask for his autograph.)
  4. No one has mistaken me for Elaine since 1997, when in a moment of spontaneity, I sheared off my long locks. I've had short hair since. Forget bra burning, short hair is what you call liberation.
  5. Throughout my four years of high school, I ate a bowl of Rice Krispies with strawberries on it every single morning for breakfast. That comes out to 1,460 bowls of Rice Krispies! Now, that's a lot of snap, crackle, and pop.
If you haven't done this meme and would like to, then consider yourself tagged!

photo credit: fancyjewelry


Annie said...

Congrats on the award! And those earrings would look lovely on you. Maybe if you grow your hair back, he would loan them to you(or should I say Julia)!

Thanks for sharing your 15 picks. I can't wait to check them out.

Btw, I'm making your Honeyed Orange Ginger Muffins today with some alterations due to ingredients. I'll let you know how they turn out!

Gattina Cheung said...

oh Susan, that gas man is so funny! Haven't seen your pic with long hair, but by seeing your short hair, it is so you, and so charming! Most european ladies like to keep their hair quite long, occasionally will find one or two with short hair, they are all stunning!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

With all that snap crackle and pop, how could you be anything but EXCELLENT! Congrats Susan!

Mishmash ! said...

you re getting so good at this , Susan....ur notes cracks me up everytime I come here...btw, u re prettier than Elaine and ur jeff is much cuter than jerry seinfeld :)


Cakespy said...

Congrats on your feature!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the midst of growing my hair long... and I can't tell you how much I want to hack it all off. Rock on with your short hair... you have been liberated! Happy Award Day to you! And thanks of the shout out!

Manggy said...

Susan! I'm so honored!! I'd rent a tux if I could. Or maybe I should just follow Eminem (ca. Lose Yourself and 8mile) and go as I usually am. I am glad my awesomeness has touched you. Kidding! How's that for self-deprecation?

Thanks for the wonderful links. I'll visit them as soon as my brother stops hogging the bandwidth.

I laughed out loud with your stories :) Someday someone will NOT be happy with their eBay purchase!

Mansi said...

Hahahhaa! that was an engaging meme Susan:) congrats on the deserved award, its always a pleasure to read your funny stories:)

Actually, I kind of see the "Elaine" similarity if I look closely at you!:D)

sra said...

Now that Shn has said you're prettier than Elaine, I probably shouldn't say this, but when I was reading your meme, I could spot the resemblance! And if I remember right, Jeff looks nothing like Seinfeld!

sra said...

Congrats on the award!

Anonymous said...

ha ha! funny that the guy who has your autograph instead of Elaine's!
And congrats on your excellence award!

Namratha said...

Congrats on the award dear Susan :) Those earrings...ah! I'm waiting for Food Blogga, The Movie :D

Gretchen Noelle said...

Thanks Susan! What a treat! I think you have an Excellent blog as well! Great to learn more about you! I cannot imagine you looking like Elaine, but then I have never seen you with long hair. Maybe you should post one of those pics? :)

Nic said...

Thanks for highlighting these blogs - there are a few I haven't been to before!

Anonymous said...

Susan, I am really looking forward to visiting these bloggers. I already see a few I'm really looking forward to!

Alberta Postcards
Diane's Flickr photos

Deeba PAB said...

Hi Susan...came to deliver an award & got awarded too! HOW COOL IS THAT! I loved going through your list of awarded souls (yippee, me too). Boy, that's a lot of cereal to chomp up!! I enjoyed your meme a lot & am lagging behind on 3 (ashamed of myself). Snap, crackle & pop with muchas gracias to you. Cheers Deeba

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

For me it was Shredded Wheat or Cheerios for breakfast...unless it was winter and mom made us oatmeal every single "stick to our ribs".It has been nice getting to know a little more about you Susan. Enjoy:D

David Hall said...

Hi Susan

Well, I'm extremely flattered! Thankyou for the recognition, it really does mean a lot. Made my Sunday!

All the best
David x

Susan said...

You don't need diamonds to sparkle.;)

Congrats on the award, Susan. And thank you for passing the glitter to me. It was quite a nice surprise!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

annie-I can't wait to hear how the muffins turned out!

gattina-I'll never grow it out again.

shn-You always say the sweetest things. :)

tanna-Aw, thanks! :)


joy-My pleasure!

manggy-That's ok. Just don't forget about me when you make it to Iron Chef. :)

mansi-Thanks for the sweet note.

sra-With the long hair and glasses there really was.

linda-Let's hope he doesn't read this meme!

namratha-I hope it comes out at Christmas time. ;)

gretchen-I think they're all in RI!

nicisme-My pleasure!

diane-You'll love 'em!

deeba-That is cool, indeed!

bellini-I have oatmeal everyday now.

david-I'm happy to hear it!

susan-Those diamonds would look great with your hair.:)

La Cuisine d'Helene said...

I really enjoyed reading about you. Also I discovered new blogs. Thanks for sharing.

Lara Ferroni said...

Thanks Susan! I'm so glad you are enjoying Still Life With!


Unknown said...

Susan, thanks so much for the awards. It's such an honour. Congratulations for the award. Hugs.

Haalo said...

Thank you Susan - that is so very generous of you. Congratulations for your well deserved award!

Amy said...

Thank you so much Susan! I'm really flattered! <3 I've been reading your blog ever since I started blogging last year and it is totally rated E for excellence. :)

Holy cow, 1460 bowls? Wow!

Anonymous said...

what I like about this is exploring the blogs you've listed.

PS: I am here often and thoroughly enjoy your commentary and try some of the recipes too -- I can seldom leave comments though. Blogger is rather finicky. Just know that I'm here and reading!


Anonymous said...

what I like about this is exploring the blogs you've listed.

PS: I am here often and thoroughly enjoy your commentary and try some of the recipes too -- I can seldom leave comments though. Blogger is rather finicky. Just know that I'm here and reading!


Susan from Food Blogga said...

helene-It's always good to spread the word about "excellent" blogs. :)

lara- It's fantastic!

arfi-My pleasure--your site is so lovely.

haalo-You're so welcome!

amy-You snap, crackle, and pop yourself!

diane-That is so thoughtful of you. I appreciate your telling me that.

Elle said...

You probably would look a bit like Elaine in Seinfeld with longer hair. Can't imagine eating Ricke Krispies and strawberries for so many breakfasts, but it is a good combo. Thanks for playing along on the meme.

Katie Zeller said...

Congrats on the well-deserved award... And too bad they were so unco-operative about the earrings. I think they would look very fetching with the short hair!

Jeanne said...

A well-deserved Excellence award. And I love the story about your being mistaken for Elaine! Reminds me of my mom and dad visiting Japan in the very early 1970s. At one point they were accosted by schoolgirls who wanted my dad to autograph something because western writing was so unusual and novel to them. He produced a pen and with a flourish signed their piece of paper "Gary Player". It always makes me giggle that some middle-aged Japanese lady owns what she believes to be the autograph of a world-famous golf champion, when in fact it's an eccentric radiologist's idea of a joke ;-)