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Australia and New Zealand: Christmas Cookies from Around the World 2007

Cookies are flying in fast. Click the map to see where they are coming from. Click here to see all of the cookies.

Submit your cookies from Australia or New Zealand, and you might win a copy of Sherry Yard's new cookbook. See details here.

Would you like to participate? See details here. You have until Dec. 24th.

Arfi of Homemades from New Zealand. It seems a lot of people will be receiving yummy homemade cookies this year, like Arfi's neighbors. The boys will get to feast on Arfi's decadent Bailey's chocolate truffles and these festive Chocolate Snowdrops. Not only are these snowdrops chock full of almond pieces and rich cocoa, but they're also easy to make. What's not to love?

Arfi of Homemades from New Zealand. Arfi's delightfully named Zebra Cookies are as elegant as they are scrumptious. Chocolate-y, buttery cookies are dipped in rich, dark chocolate and drizzled with royal icing. Oh, my.

Melinda of Melbourne Larder from Melbourne, Australia. Melinda shares a special Christmas cookie with us: her Aunt Margaret's Lebkuchen. These Austrian Christmas biscuits have been a favorite of Melinda's family for years, and this Christmas, Melinda finally obtained the recipe and made them herself. Now, she will continue the family tradition. Check out her post for her lovely story and delicious recipe.

Anh of Food Lover's Journey from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Anh presents delicate yet "dangerously addictive" Swiss Bettinas, mini-tartlets filled with chopped walnuts and rich caramel. Not only are these tartlets lovely to look at, but they are also easy to make and quite versatile. Anh says that the tartlets can be baked up to a week in advance then filled with delectable chestnut cream, melted chocolate, or fruit jam. I'll take her suggestions and try all three.

Daphne of More Than Words from Perth, Western Australia. Is there anything not to love about a cookie named Nutella Dark Chocolate Cookies? Daphne knows the answer to that question, which is why she's making these sinfully decadent cookies for a party. Be warned, Daphne says you can't stop at one.

jenjen of Milk and Cookies from Sydney, Australia. jenjen had relationship problems with Martha. Yes, that Martha. You see, jenjen had one to many near catastrophic recipes from Martha and was ready to sever ties indefinitely. Until she made her Double Chocolate Cookies. Since savoring these remarkably moist, intensely chocolate-y cookies, jenjen envisions halcyon days in their future.

Cakelaw of Laws from the Kitchen from Australia. Cakelaw shares her sweet Spiced Gingerbread cookies which are not only delicious to eat but also make adorable Christmas tree decorations. What child (or adult) wouldn't delight in a tree covered with aromatic gingerbread cookies?

Melinda of Melbourne Larder from Melbourne, Australia. It's crunch time in Melinda's kitchen. With only a few days until Christmas, she has a lot of whipping and rolling and decorating still to do. Melinda's making homemade gifts for friends and family and wouldn't think of not including her simple-to-make, easy-to-transport, and delicious-to-eat Spiced Biscuits.

Daphne of More than words from Perth, Western, Australia. With only five days left until Christmas, what we really need are some fast and easy cookie recipes. Daphne shares a winner with us today--her Santa's Little Buttons. They can be made in less than 30 minutes, and you don't even need an electric mixer! Pretty, colorful, and satisfyingly sweet, these cookies are just what you've been looking for.

Carol of Oh for the love of food! from Perth, Western Australia. Carol sends her wishes to all for a happy and safe holiday season. She also shares a recipe for Mary's Butter Balls that make a lovely Christmas present if you're still looking for some last minute gift ideas.

Carol of Oh for the love of food! from Perth, Western Australia. Now that Carol's Christmas shopping is complete, she can do what she really wants to do: spend quality time with her family. Carol, her husband, and her two beautiful daughters had a marvelous time baking Christmas Gingerbread Cookies, and she's sharing the recipe with us today.

Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe from Melbourne, Australia. Johanna was tentative about making cut-out cookies this year because sometimes they seem to be a little more style than substance. Not so with this unique recipe for Cranberry Choc Cookies that are made with sweet, rich condensed milk. These chewy, moist cookies are simply sensational when drizzled with melted chocolate. Style and substance. Definitely.

Tania of The Sweetest Gift from Perth, Western Australia. How could you not smile when presented with these splendidly decorated Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese? They will bring instant cheer to anyone who sees them and a whole lot of contentment to those who eat them.

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