Thursday, January 17

Football, Fish Tacos, and Clam Chowder: It's New England versus San Diego

Whaddle' it be?
New England?

Or San Diego?

OK ladies, read closely. This post will not only provide you with some good football grub, but it could also improve your relationship with your football-lovin' guy.

This Sunday the New England Patriots play the San Diego Chargers. You know I love football. You also know that since I'm from New England, I'm genetically programmed to be a Patriots fan. Having grown up a Pats fan and now living in San Diego, I couldn't resist writing this post.

Here is what you need to do, girls. Even if you hate football, watch the game this weekend, and focus on #12, the Patriots' quarterback, Tom "Terrific" Brady. If you know who Tom Brady is, then you understand. If you don't, read on. (Ugh! Jeff hacked my post and changed my Tom Brady link to his website!)

Tom Brady is a three time Superbowl Champion quarterback who works hard, doesn't talk trash, dates Gisele (the Victoria's Secret Brazilian supermodel) and has an adorable dimple in his chin. Oh, and was named best dressed man in the world.

He's the George Clooney of athletes. In fact, after Matt Damon was named "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine, he joked that it should have been Tom Brady. Sorry Matt, I agree with you.

Now, if you don't normally watch football, you gotta play it cool with your guy. If you tell him you're watching the game because you want to see Tom Brady, he'll get all defensive and start asking ridiculous things like: "What's so great about Tom Brady?"

So instead, memorize something like:
"I wanted to watch the game to see if the Chargers' banged up secondary can keep New England from airing it out to their wideouts and tight end."


"I wanted to watch the game to see if the Chargers can get the ground game going with an injured LT against the Patriots' outside linebackers."

It doesn't matter if you don't understand it. Your guy won't either, but he'll have to agree with you so that he doesn't look stupid.

Now that he is duped, get ready to feast your eyes on #12.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot the food. Here's some representative regional cuisine. Is there anything more quintessentially New England than New England Clam Chowdah? (Yes, that's how you should pronounce it.)

It's been years since I made or tasted clam chowder, and one mouthful brought me right back to blustery, grey winter days. (Rocky Point anyone?)

It never gets "blustery" in San Diego, so we'll have fish tacos here instead. Fish tacos are like Happy Meals for adults -- hot, crispy, salty, and spicy. They're ideal football food because you eat 'em with your hands and they're perfect with cold beer.

Now, won't that make your guy happy?

I've actually written an article about fish tacos for NPR's Kitchen Window. There, you'll find three fish taco recipes to choose from: traditional Baja-Style Fish Tacos, baked fish tacos with fresh green tomato salsa, and shrimp tacos with chipotle cream and charred poblano peppers.

Rather than rely on my memory for Rocky Point clam chowder, here is a recipe from last November's Cooking Light. The only change I made was substituting pancetta for bacon and stirring in 1 Tbsp of butter at the end.

You might also like this football friendly fare:
Patriots' Potato Pizza (yes, those Patriots)
Spinach, Nutmeg, and Ricotta Calzones
Turkey, Proscuitto, and Gorgonzola Sandwich

Elise also has a great football food post. Check out her chili round-up.

Who do you want to win? Chargers or Patriots?

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Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Susan, only you can make me miss the Super Bowl!!!

What a choice, though...mmm fish tacos, mmm chowder. I think it's more chowder weather here but I know all my fam will be rooting for SD! Now I want both!

Peter M said...

GO PATS GO! I've been to New England, love the area, I'm in the allegiance to S.Diego.

Hubby will be very happy...make sure you make lots O' sangwiches too!

ames said...

oh my goodness, I *love* you! I'm addicted to fish tacos, and you give me not one but three recipes!! *swoon*

I thought the pat of butter swirled into the chowdah at the end was mandatory? Silly Cooking Light... ;)

At least now when you're watching Tom Brady and mutter "mmm....tasty....," they can think you were referring to the food!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't care less about football, but the recipes look good. So I've bookmarked your blog. And I'm going to try that one for potato pizza this weekend.

PS I came here from the Moderate Voice, in case you SoCali folk stick together.

Sig said...

oh YUMMYYY... and the food looks great too ;)

Now off to memorize the line "I wanted to watch the game to see if the Chargers' banged up secondary can keep New England from airing it out to their wideouts and tight end." I think I will make an audio tape of it and listen in the car... :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Oh my goodness. How I miss the fish tacos. I'm off to check your recipes.

That Tom Brady is amazing. But I think I'll have to root for the Chargers this game. It will make so many of our friends happy to see them make it to the Big Bowl. (Of course, they won't win that one. But it's fun, nonetheless.)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Puhleeeeeze... Pats, of course. The fish tacos look great, but it's about 18 degrees outside right now, 45 minutes away from the Patriots' home field, so chowder definitely is the choice for us!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God Susan! Only you could write a food blog about Tom Brady and evoke Rocky Point at the same time. I seriously laughed at first then got welled up just thinking about Rocky Point as a kid.

You are the ultimate food blogga.

-Gina from Pawtucket

milsom said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KayKat said...

I love the diversity in this post! Football, lots of Brady, fish tacos, chowder ... all goodness :)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

sarah- I won't hold it against you. One for The Bolts.

peter- one for The Pats, thank you very much.

ames- LOL. "silly cooking light"

georgesorwell- thanks so much. I appreciate you coming by and leaving a comment.

sig- Or you could just turn on ESPN radio in the car. They say stuff like this all day long.

kelly- chargers 2, pats 1.

lydia- chargers 2, pats 2.

gina- Thanks. I loved the music express.

kaykat- Thanks. All good for you too ...

Rachael said...

Oh you are too funny! : )

Here's my favorite (albeit time intensive) way to make a seafood chowder... technically not a boullabaisse because there's no saffron, but good chowder regardless (and a very forgiving recipe):

Anonymous said...

My husband watches a lot of football but I barely pay attention to it which is how I've missed Tom Brady. Who is very cute. Even though I'm not a football fan, I love New England so of course I'm rooting for the Patriots.

And even though I love New England, love clam chowder, and have never had a fish taco, I am positive that I'd like fish tacos even more than clam chowder. Since I'm not planning a visit to San Diego anytime soon, I should make them. (BTW, great article in Kitchen Window!)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Plenty cold here for chowder but somehow the fish tacos call my name.
Very good with the football - cute guy.

Fresh Girl said...

I do not want either one of them to win, but I will be watching....if only to know which one of those teams will make up the side of Evil against either the Good Packers or the Good Giants in the Super Bowl. And may Good triumph over Evil! ;)

I would, however, pick fish tacos over the chowder. Mmmmm, fish tacos.

Vicki said...

I live in San Diego, but can't stand the Chargers. Patriots all the way. I do, however, prefer fish tacos over chowder.

Mishmash ! said...

Susannnnn....another funny note from you...this is why i "love" coming here :) I wanted Colts to win but now since they re out of the game, ofcourse I want Brady to win...He IS one of the sexiest guys:))

Btw, that bowl of chowder is looking so good!!!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Delish babe - looks good enough to eat! Oh yeah the clam chowder and Tacos look great too. Living in Germany we do not get Football - so I will have to see what the Internet broadcasts - of course because:

I want to watch the game to see if the Chargers' banged up secondary can keep New England from airing it out to their wideouts and tight end.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is going to sound really stupid but...So that's Tom Brady! So sorry but football (um, American Football) isn't so big here where I am...But, whoa, I would sit through many a game for this guy! Thanks for posting a pic, now I know what Gisele's boyfriend looks like :) They must make a stunning pair :)

Now fish tacos I have experience with and is loved by both hubby and me...thanks for the link! Oh boy 3 new recipes...YAY! You rock...I'm cheering for whoever you are :)

Asha said...

YAY! I can't wait for NFL!:))

Foodwise, I will take San Diego!!;D

Enjoy your weekend Susan.

Lisa Johnson said...

Gooooooooo Pats! I love clam chowda, but I've been to San Diego too and loved it also. It actually felt kind of familiar. I guess that's how New Englanders end up moving there right? : )

I love fish tacos too, but actually had my first one here in Massachusetts. I did have my first churro in S.D. and saw my first Flamenco show there and I've loved the music and dance ever since! Wow, lots of nice memories.

Mike of Mike's Table said...

I'm not much of a football person...but the food looks good! I think I'd lean towards the tacos...yum

MeloMeals said...

Go Pats!!

I do sympathize with you here though.. because I grew up in Denver and I'm only a Pats supporter because I'm a recent NE transplant... but I FEEL the Pat and Sox LOVE.. I do... big time.. it's like the ONLY thing that really bonds you to NE.. the easiest sense of community you have here.. (I find many NE people COLD).. but... in the past, the Broncos who were my first and only football love have been up against them... it was pretty tedious at my home during that game.. I mean, my loyalties kept changing over and over!

Karyn said...

Fish tacos!

Its just gotta be fish tacos! The perfect breakfast food, food of the gods...

I first had them in Estero Beach, near Ensenada, when I was in Junior High...I have been eating them ever since...

As a transplanted California Gal into Arizona's high country, we still enjoy these wonderful tacos all the many different ways to fix them and so many different flavor combinations!
If you haven't tried them yet, do it! What are you waiting for?!

Oh and by the way...GO CHARGERS!! I will be there cheering you on to victory!

Mansi said...

GO PATRIOTS!!!! Yoohoo Tom "Sexy" Brady!!:) I spent wuite a bit of time in San diego, lived for a couple years in LA, and am now in bay area...have nothing to do with New England, so that was easy!!:D

Mansi said...

ok, I ment to say "that was NOT easy":) I don't think my hubby would allow me to root for the Patriots, aka Mr.Hunk on the big day though!!

and btw Susan, now that you are done with your fish tacos, could you send in a veggie entry for my Game Night event??!!:)

Chris said...

Go my Gawd...wicked awesome post, my friend. I wish I could jump in the ca (car) and head to the piea (pier) for some chowda and lobsta with butta. 'Till this day, a Pats game was the first and only NFL game I have been to. So, what can I say - Go Pats!

Unknown said...

good snacks for a game, Susan! we usually do that for rugby or cricket game, although i usually fall asleep in the middle of the game hehehe...

Pip said...

We don't have football in Italy, we get mad for what you call "soccer" in the US. Anyway, I think that this Tom Brady would be a very good excuse to start watching football! ;D Between chowder and fish tacos... I'd definetly choose the tacos! ;P

Karyn said...

After reading this yesterday, we had to have fish tacos for dinner before the hockey game...we did em a little different just using what we had on they had Tilapia, glazed with chipolte & hoisin, then cabbage, cilantro,avocado and some chipolte lime mayo and sesame seeds ....awesome! Kind of a fusion fish taco..LOL

Katy said...

i'm not much into football, but those tacos sound amazing!!! usually i watch the superbowl just because it involves one of my friends throwing a party, so probably that will be the case this year as well!!! tom brady is very adorable, but i can't help feeling bad for bridget moynahan, you know? stupid tabloids. i wish i knew less about all these people's personal lives!!!

Gattina Cheung said...

Susan, your article is so GREAT! All the tacos just show that how superb, and creative cook you are!... and good taste to handsome men :) :)

emily said...

I'll eat fish tacos (yum!) over clam chowder any day, but when it comes to football, I'm devoted to my Patriots. You're not the only one in Southern California with a massive crush on Tom Brady :)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

rachael-That's a delicious recipe, thanks.

julie-I hope you try them -- they're amazing.

tanna-Fish tacos and Tom Brady go well together too. ;)

fresh girl-I'm going with Pats over Bolts, but I prefer the tacos too!

vicki-here! here!

shn-You've got good taste. ;)

meeta- :) Great comment.

joey-I totally understand. I don't get soccer. I guess that means you're rooting for the Pats then! :)

asha-Me too. :)

anali-I'm so glad this evokes happy memories for you.

mike-They're fantastic.

melody-I hear you. I find that most New Englanders maintain a strong bond with their home teams no matter where they end up living.

cowgirl-"food of the gods..." you said it!

mansi-Score another for the Pats. It's coming... I have to make something this week.

chris-Wickit awesome comment!

arfi-I've been known to do that plenty of times myself. ;)

pip-He is a good reason to start watching the NFL!

cowgirl-Those sound positively fabulous! I love the fusion idea!

katy-I know what you mean. There is no privacy for them at all, and we learn more than we need or should know.

gattina-Oh, thank you. I enjoyed writing it.

emily-I'm willing to share. ;)

Gretchen Noelle said...

What a great post! Ha! I am rooting for the patriots but I will take fish tacos over clam chowder any day!

Anonymous said...

I dont like fish at all, but fish tacos sound pretty good.
Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm an east coaster and have never heard of fish tacos before. They look awesome! It's Pats all the way. But I might skip the chowder and try the tacos on Superbowl Sunday!

Jaime said...

i made your fish tacos and just posted about them :) thanks for a great recipe!

Anonymous said...

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